Thursday, June 18, 2009

One sees things in a laundromat one would not see at home - daytime TV, for example.

Real, serious, authoritative analysts are writing endlessly on what trash the basic content of daytime TV is, so I won't go there. What I did find interesting, though, was the mid-day half-hour newscast (this was on the local ABC/Disney affiliate, but it could probably be all of 'em), in which we find that the old wheeze "if it bleeds it leads" (this time, a major car wreck and the Economy, both pretty bloody stuff) still holds.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I've long held with those who say that Rocky Ziegler is the best pracitioner of Jewish music alive today. I gave him as much airplay as I could, had him - with and without band - on the show back in the Radio Daze. And it was on my show tht he surprised the Jewish music world by announcing that he was moving to Israel.

Now, word comes from Rocky (formally billing himself as Yerachmiel) that he just finished a piece of the current Matisyahu tour - the California leg of the tour (waa!) - and has finished his next CD, "The Secret of Shabbos," and has gevaldik vids out in Israel, on Ynet. Go to
cles/0,7340,L-3729795,00.html and be amazed.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Wow! Ongoing access is a nice change!

One small problem: as the behavioral economists say, too many choices can be confusing. I find myself spending a lot of time (already too much) with Facebook and Twitter, and not enough on my video production ( a couple of vid's, awaiting approval, notwithstanding), or this blog. Actually, with a backlog of nearly a month's worth of material; even writing the blog seems a bit like a distraction.

I have discovered that one can have too many Facebook friends. When I finally found my old musician friend, Sam Bush, on Facebook, he was already overloaded with over 5,000. Be forewarned.

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Mr PM Netanyahu delivered his ideas for a settlement of the sitch in the Middle East and, not surprisingly, no one but Mr PM Netanyahu really likes 'em. The Israeli Jews don't trust the Arabs (not much of a surprise there), the Arabs don't like the idea of disarming in exchange for their giveaways (no surprise at all there), and I don't like the absence of an announcement that Israel is finally taking control of Temple Mount and breaking ground on the Third Temple.

The Obama Admin is making positive noises in public, but their insistance on a cessation of settlement activity - even to accomodate "natural growth" - is, to say the least, very disturbing. Obviously too disturbing for Mr PM Netanyahu to mention in his address.

* * * * *

Of course, as mentioned in one of my two new vids for, the problem is neither political nor a matter of real estate. The problem is the never-ending hatred and targeting of Jews throughout the world, even in this goldene medina, even in our own ancestral land - especially in our own ancestral land. Check out Shimon Posner's original on, or the video on and/or YouTube, channel truepeace770

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It is, of course, the most obvious manifestation of the golus which, as we know only too well, sucks!

Moshiach Now!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

A thousand apologies for getting behind in my writing. Resources, of course, have been disrupted for some months now, which has wreaked havoc with getting anything done on schedule. As of Erev Shabbos past, I'm up, on-line, and marginally sponsored with the videos. I even seem to have fixed my old keyboard.

It's kinda nice, a pleasant change.

Now, of course, we have to get moving. Newly-repaired keyboard needs a bath for starters, but there is video production to be done, for Radiojew's Revenge, of course, but also for my new sponsor, Those who remember the Radio Daze (or even the early days of this very blog, for that matter) know that I've long been a fan of the work of, so this first (always the hardest) sponsorship is really special to me. The pilot is running on their YouTube page, truepeace770, and on the web site. The series goes into production tonight, or maybe tomorrow morning.

Of course, there is also the Eliyyahu David story, currently on disk, which needs to be finished. I'll be gettin' on that soon as well.

There may be a few more short interruptions, owing to a few behind-the-scenes goings-on, but it looks like we're back for The Duration.

All that good news notwithstanding, there are still issues, there are still the afflicted needing to be comforted and the comfortable needing to be afflicted. It's still golus out there . . .

and . . .

Golus Sucks!
Moshiach Now!
and Never Too Fast!